Media Relations:

Twenty10 Sports Group takes pride in making sure that our clients have a positive public image.  We have formed relationships with various media outlets.  Our clients can rely on us to help them have a productive relationship with the media.  We are able to coordinate press releases or press conferences for any special events.


Youth Football Camps:  

Whether it be a one day or full week camp, we are able to set up an event that will allow athletes to give back to their communities.  Twenty10 Sports Group specializes in providing football camps that offer our clients the opportunity to provide lifelong memories for campers.  We make it easy for our clients to have a quality product attached to their name.


Special Events Planning: 

Twenty10 sports can plan your special events from start to finish. We have a range of resources that will deliver a first class event for our clients. Clients can rely on us to take care of all of the details that will make your event a huge success.


Endorsement Opportunities:

We will help our clients maximize their opportunity to create new revenue streams due to their popularity as a professional athlete. Our clients can rely on us to seek out sponsors and promotion opportunities.   Athletes tend to be brand loyal and fans tend to be loyal to their favorite athletes.  Why not take advantage of your ability to influence others to use a particular service or product?


Fundraising and Foundation Work:

Our clients are able to reach out into the community through foundation work.  Twenty10 Sports Group specializes in organizing Galas and other special events for our client’s foundations.